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OGT-918 (Zavesca or Miglustat) Trial Information

Contact:  Marc Patterson, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

NP-C Natural History Study and proposed Drug Trial

Contacts:  Forbes “Denny” Porter and Nicole Yanjanin

National Institutes of Health

Contact: Dr. Porter - Phone:  (301) 435-4432

Contact: Nicole Yanjanin – Phone:  (301) 594-176 5

NP-C Cat Colony at UPENN

Contacts: Charles Vite and Mark Haskins, University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

Contact: Steve Walkley, Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University

BC-Theta – High Quality Cholesterol-binding Reagent

Contact:  Yoshiko Iwashita, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology

NP-C Mice – NMF164 subline

Contact:  Bob Maue, Dartmouth Medical School

Contact:  Robert Burgess, The Jackson Laboratory


NP-C Adenovirus for expression of NPC1-GFP fusion protein

Contact:  Bob Maue, Dartmouth Medical School

NP-C Mice – npcnih X L7GFP subline (NPC mice with Purkinje Cells expressing GFP)

Contact:  Bob Maue, Dartmouth Medical School


NPC-2 Reagents (gene-targeted mice and antibodies)

Contact:  Peter Lobel, Rutgers University

NP-C Cell Lines

Contact:  Donald Coppock, Coriell Cell Repository

NP-C Tissue

Contact:  Melissa Larkins Davis, University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank for Developmental Disorders 

PH:  1-800-847-1539      Director:  H. Ronald Zielke, Ph.D.

NP-C Microarray Data

Contact:  Suzanne Pfeffer, Stanford University


Therapeutics Design and Synthesis: Computational and synthetic chemistry for small molecule drug development

Contacts:  Olaf Wiest and Paul Helquist, University of Notre Dame, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

NP-C Imaging Studies

Contacts:  Ted Trouard and Robert Erickson, University of Arizona

NP-C Genetic Counseling and Information

Contact:  Cate Walsh-Vockley, MS, CGC,  

PH:  412-692-7349

NP-C Carrier Testing

Contact:  Brittany Thomas, Mayo Molecular Genetics Lab (Rochester, MN)

PH:  507-538-9163


NP-C Diagnostic Testing, Mutational Analysis and Carrier Testing

Contact:  Heiko Runz, Institute of Human Genetics, University of Heidelberg

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